Complete Sectional Title and Rental Management Systems

We are state-of-the-art software developers for the Property Management Market in South Africa
and provide Sectional Title and Rental Management Systems complete with training and
bookkeeping consultation services.

"Make your Property Business boom!"


  • Fully Multi-User and multi-threaded.
  • Debit Order facilities to send monthly deductions via ACB.
  • Bulk Email facilities for statements or notices through one click of a button!
  • Bulk SMS facilities for arrears reminders or notices.
  • A complete General Ledger (incl. Cashbook, Trial Balance, Audit Trials)
  • Import Bank Statements into a complete recon system to manage your Trust Fund account or multiple bank accounts. Automatic allocation of payments from imported bank statements. Support to ALL major banks in South Africa.
  • Complete Credit Control System with automatic printing of notification letters to the Owners in accordance with it's status and arrears SMS's.
  • Manage Investments and Loans by Body Corporate.
  • Financial information like Levy Rolls with Income and Expenses
    statement, Cash-flow Analysis and Savings and Loan Accounts.
  • Budgeting facilities with year-to-date expenses measured against
    year-to-date budget and total yearly budget.
  • Day by day reports like Accounts in Arrears, Tenants/Owners/Deposit Balances.
  • A WYSIWYG Report Designer for Listings, labels and Mail Merges.
  • Specialized Features for Rental and Sectional Title Management:
    • Automatic Recurring expenses system
    • Automatic Calculation of Commission
    • Automatic Calculation of interest on arrears/deposits, Cash Handling Charges and penalties.
    • Complete Routine Inspections management system.
    • Complete Maintenance Management facility with job cards for contractors.
    • Manage all the details of the Owners complete with Levies,
      Special Levies, Additional Levies, Debit Orders, Participation
      Quota, memos,

And much more...

Combining all aspects of Property Management into one complete package.
PowerProp satisfies all your property needs.


WE NOW PROVIDE 3CX PHONE SYSTEM INTEGRATION (Quoted separately after a site visit)

  • Click to Call, click the phone button next to any number and the system will dial the number for you
  • Account Pop-Up, who is phoning you? The system will search the database for matching caller ID's and display the caller's account for you, while it's ringing!
  • Call Recording, who said what? All calls are recorded and conveniently linked to the account notes.
  • White-list, is your call costs running away from you? Block your staff from making personal calls and save money!

3CX PABX delivers many more features out-of-the-box, please visit to learn more...